Technology Transfer    


The results of research are to be incorporated into new processes, new products and new ideas. Developed technologies are transferred to industries concerned by way of joint project or contracting license. Followings are the list of the technologies transferred to industry.

Diamond-like carbon coated VCR head drum

A technology to coat diamond-like carbon films on VCR head drum of Al alloy was developed. Because of the excellent tribological properties of diamond-like carbon films, the coating can stabilize the tape driving mechanism and protect both the head drum and VCR tape. The technology was transferred to Daewoo Electronics Co. in 1994.

This commercialization, which was well publicized, significantly increased the interest of Korea industry in DLC films. We believe that this is one of the role of KIST to improve the technological potential of Korea.

Diamond-like carbon coated tools for CRT e-gun Assembly

Korea is the major global supplier of the cathode ray tube (CRT) for TV and PC monitor. About 35% of the world market was shared by Korean electronics companies.

DLC coating on the tool surface significantly reduced the friction between the tool and the e-beam control grid, which improved the productivity of the e-gun. The coating also reduced the damage of the grid surface. This technology was transferred to a venture company, J&L Tech Co. in 1998. The coated tool is now supplied to major 3 electronics companies, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Orion Electrics.

Diamond-like Carbon Coated IC Packaging Tools

When inspecting ICs on the circuit board, you will find that the lead frames of the IC are all bended. These tools, referred to as form die, are for bending the lead frames. In the materials view point, the coating should improve separability between the tool surface and the solder of the lead frame and improve the wear resistance of the tool surface. DLC is the best materials for that purpose.

In the view point of the coating technology, we should develop the 3-D coating technology for the tools of complicated shape and adhesion improvement method on tool steels. Hybrid ion plating system and the deposition process were developed and transferred to J&L Tech Co. in 2000. We sincerely appreciate researchers at Anam Semiconductors Inc. for encouraging and helps in field test.

Diamond-like Carbon Coated Dental Drill

Dental implantation becomes a major treatment to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is essentially a very simple metal (Ti alloy) screw which is designed to thread into the bone of the jaw and to allow for the attachment of a prosthetic tooth at the top. Your dentist place the implants in a small hole in the bone which he or she has preapred as part of the implant placement procedure. Dental drills are used to make the hole in the bone. The bone will fuse to the implant over a shor period of time.

We developed a coating technology of W incorporated DLC film using hybrid ion plating method. The technology was trasferred to J&L Tech Co. in 2005 for industrialization of the coating technology for precision drills including the dental drill. At present (Jan. 2006), they are developing mass production equipment based on the ion plating technology.

Last Update : 2006. 1. 5