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Publication Highlight : 5 Selected Publications since 2019

  • Tribo-induced Structural Transformation and Lubricant Dissociation at Amorphous Carbon-Alpha Olefin Interface, Adv. Theo. Sim. 2, 1800157 (2019). [Cover Image]
    Xiaowei Li, Aiying Wang, Kwang-Ryeol Lee
  • Enabling Reversible Redox Reactions in Electrochemical Cells using Protected LiAl Intermetallic as Lithium Metal Anodes, Science Adv. 5, 2375-2548 (2019).
    Mun Sek Kim, Deepika, Seung Hun Lee, Min-Seop Kim, Ji-Hyun Ryu, Kwang-Ryeol Lee, Lynden A. Archer, Won Il Cho
  • Fast Synthesis of Graphene with Desired Structure via Ni-Catalyzed Transformation of Amorphous Carbon during Rapid Thermal Processing: Insight from Molecular Dynamics and Experimental Study, J. Phys. Chem. C. 123, 27834-27842 (2019). [Cover Image]
    Xiaowei Li, Zhenyu Wang, Hanchao Li, Aiying Wang, Kwang-Ryeol Lee
  • Fundamental Understanding on Low-friction Mechansim at Amorphous Carbon Interface from Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulation, Carbon, 170, 621-629 (2020).
    Xiaowei Li, Aiying Wang, Kwang-Ryeol Lee

  • Tailoring the Nanostructure of Graphene as Oil-Based Additive: toward Synergistic Lubrication with Amorphous Carbon Film, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 12, 43320 (2020).
    Xiaowei Li, Dekun Zhang, Kwang-Ryeol Lee

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