Chem. Phys. Lett., 436, 199-203 (2007). [pdf]


Wetting Behaviours of a-C:H:Si:O Film Coated Nano-Scale Dual Rough Surface


Tae-Young Kim, Bialuch Ingmar, Klaus Bewilogua, Kyu Hwan Oh and Kwang-Ryeol Lee


By combining nano-scale surface roughening with hydrophobic a-C:H:Si:O coating, we generated the super-hydrophobic surface with very low wetting angle hysteresis. We focused on the effect of the dual structure of the surface on the static and the dynamic wetting behaviours.  It was observed that the dual rough surface is super-hydrophobic of the wetting angle around 160° with the wetting angle hysteresis (difference between forwarding and receding angle) less than 5°. On the other hand, mono rough surfaces in any scale appeared sticky where the wetting angle hysteresis ranges from 30 to 60° depending on the dimension of the surface roughness.