1st Workshop for International Standard of Diamond-like Carbon Coatings

Oct. 1-3, 2008

Seokwipo KAL Hotel, Jeju Island, Korea

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Overview of Workshop

For last decades, diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating has been applied to wide range of industry from machining tools, data storage, automobile components to biomedical implants. Although this variety of application is based on the tunability of the DLC coating, it becomes important to establish the standard or classification of the DLC coating for the promotion of its industrial applications. Encouraged by the pioneering works in Germany and Japan, researchers from Germany, Japan and Korea agreed to organize this workshop during ICMCTF 2008.

The purpose of this workshop is to take the first step to global standard for both vendors and customers to be able to communicate in more effective way. This workshop will focus on the following issues.

  1. Review of the present status of DLC standardization in Germany and Japan
  2. Identification of the requirements from industry
  3. Identification of the key parameters for the classification of DLC coating
  4. Specification of the characterization tools for the classification of DLC coating
  5. Industrial guideline for the supply of DLC coating

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Workshop Program


The workshop is programmed by the invited presentations only.

List of Presentations

  • Hitetoshi Saitoh, Nanoka University of Technology, Japan
    "DLC Identification Project in Japan"
  • Kwang-Ryeol Lee, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
    "Review of DLC research at KIST and brief introduction to VDI 2840 of Germany"
  • Yoshinori Koga, National Institute of Adanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
    "Review of DLC films and market in Japan"
  • Kenji Harakuri, Tokyo Denki University, Japan
    "Review of medical application on DLC coating in Japan"
  • Seunggyun Ahn, Hyundai Motor Company, Korea
    "An overview on the friction behavior of DLC film in application of automotive engine components"
  • Takahiro Nakahigashi, Nippon ITF Inc., Japan
    "Properties and applications of high adhesive DLC and flexible DLC"
  • Sang-Won Lim, Ion Bond Eltron, Korea
    "Tetrahedral amorphous carbon (TAC) for industrial applications"
  • Shi Xu, Nanofilm Technology International, Singapore
    "Tetrahedral amorphous carbon (TAC) for industrial applications"
  • Youngha Jun, J&L Tech. Co. Ltd., Korea
     "Various DLC coatings and their applications"
  • Shien-Cheng Liu, Surftech Corp., Taiwan
    "Commercial application of diamond-like carbon film as a protective coating for precision parts and semiconductor industries in Taiwan"
  • Heung Bom Kim, Samsung Electronics Corp., Korea
    "Applications of DLC films in Electronics"
  • Masanori Hiratsuka, Nanotec Corp., Japan
    "International standards of fine ceramics coating and standardization of DLC coating"
  • Heunku Kim, k-DLC, Korea
    "The properties of DLC by ion source method"
  • Jongseong Gim, Oerlikon Balzers Coating, Korea
    "To be Announced"
  • Christian Maennich, CemeCon AG, Germany
    "CemeCon DLC for industrial applications"
  • Jong-Ku Yoon, Korea Agency of Technolgy and Standard, Korea
    "Current trends of international standardization and standardization strategy of DLC"
  • Jaein Jeong, Research Institute of Industrial Science Technology, Korea
    "The effect of ion beam conditions and interlayer on the formation and charactistics of the diamond-like carbon coatings"
  • Aiying Wang, Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology, China
    "Research progress of diamond-like carbon films at NIMTE" 
  • Da-Yung Wang, Mingdao University, Taiwan
    "Synthesis of diamond-like carbon film for tribological application by a cathodic-arc activated deposition process"
  • Sung-Wan Kim, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea
    "Present status of Si-dopes DLC in Korea and Prospects"
  • Junyan Zhang, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, China
    "The nanostructure diamond-like carbon films with super-low friction in air"

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  • Registration Due Date : Sept. 15, 2008
    Please send the registration form to Ms. H. Ihm (
    or FAX to +82-2-958-5509.
  • Download Registration Form [doc]
  • Registration Fee : $200 or KRW 200,000
    Incl. 4 meal services, 3 coffee breaks, 2 evening social events

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  Venue & Hotel reservation

The workshop will be held at Seogwipo KAL Hotel on beautiful southern sea shore of Jeju island. More details will be found on the hotel web page.


A limited number of rooms at specially discounted rate have been negotiated for delegates. Please send the hotel reservation form to Ms. H. Ihm (imagine@kist.re.kr) or FAX to +82-2-958-5509.

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  • Chair
    • Dr. Kwang-Ryeol Lee (KIST, Korea)
    • Dr. Klaus Bewilogua (Fraunhofer IST, Germany)
    • Prof. Hidetoshi Saitoh (Nagaoka Univ. Tech., Japan)
  • International Advisory Committee
    • Dr. Ali Erdemir (Argone National Lab., USA)
    • Prof. Ai-Ying Wang (NIMTE, CAS, China)
    • Prof. Da-Yung Wang (Mingdao University, Taiwan)
    • Dr. Yoshinori Koga (AIST, Japan)
    • Dr. Shi Xu (Nanofilms Technology, Singapore)
    • Dr. Jong-Ku Yoon (KATS, Korea)
    • Dr. Sanghee Suh (CNMT, Korea)
    • Prof. Junyan Zhang (LICP, CAS, China)
  • Program Committee
    • Dr. Sung-Wan Kim (KITECH, Korea): Chair
    • Dr. Kwang-Ryeol Lee (KIST, Korea)
    • Dr. Klaus Bewilogua (Fraunhofer IST, Germany)
    • Prof. Hidetoshi Saitoh (Nagaoka Univ. Tech., Japan)
    • Dr. Youngha Jun (J&L Tech, Korea)
    • Dr. Dosuk Han (Hyundai Motors Co., Korea)
  • Local Organizing Committee
    • Dr. Myoung-Woon Moon (KIST, Korea)
    • Dr. Jin-Woo Yi (KIST, Korea)
    • Dr. F. Ahmed (KIST, Korea)
  • Secretariat
    • Ms. Hyejin Ihm (KIST, Korea)

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  • Dr. Kwang-Ryeol Lee (krlee@kist.re.kr, +82-11-720-5491)
  • Dr. Myoung-Woon Moon (mwmoon@kist.re.kr, +82-11-269-6037)
  • Ms. Hyejin Ihm (imagine@kist.re.kr, +82-10-2785-9646)

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